Beauty How To's


You’ve got the art of perfecting your make-up down pat. But for your skin to survive all that partying through the night, you’ve got to prep it. The good news is: it takes just five easy steps.

60 minutes to go

Have to fix that upper lip hair situation before the celebrations begin? Make sure any hair removal or bleaching process is taken care of at least an hour earlier. Tugging skin by threading or waxing it or even the chemical reaction from bleaching, can cause redness. Give your skin an hour’s gap to be soothed or hasten it along with a spray like Dermalogica Ultracalming Mist, Rs 975.

15 minutes to go

Give your face a wake-up call; wash with lukewarm and then chilled water to activate cells and help your skin look instantly fresh.

10 minutes to go

Hydrate your skin generously and massage for a whole minute. This will not only make your make-up look fresh but also create a layer between the skin and damaging ingredients (if any) in a foundation.

8 minutes to go

Apply a plumping under-eye serum like Yves Rocher Wrinkles & Radiance Eye Care Roll-On, Rs 1,350, which instantly awakens the eye area by smoothening fine lines. This is an essential step; nothing can ruin a look like tired eyes.

5 minutes to go

You only see the true magic of a primer after the first layer of foundation has been brushed on. It creates an even layer over the skin, thus preventing make-up from settling in wrinkles or under the eyes. A pea-sized drop of the feather-light Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer, Rs 1,200, is good for your entire face.