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by ELLE Team

India’s leading holistic health guru, Mickey Mehta, shares his golden rules for health and wellness

Health and well-being is achieved through a combination of factors: a good attitude, positive thinking and thoughtful words and actions. When a person invests in a healthy lifestyle and a balanced wellness programme, the effects are felt throughout the mind and body – improved circulation, hormonal balance, lowered blood pressure, better digestion, emotional wellness, mental equilibrium and heightened immunity. Therefore, a positive attitude, discipline and consistency are the prime motivators for a healthy mind, body and spirit.

 In fact, I insist that health and fitness are about the entire being and not just about getting a great body. I do not endorse vanity over health and here are my tips for wholesome – mind, body and spirit – health.


Exercising regularly has a dynamic effect on your transformation. It enables blood to flow smoothly and freely, and makes your heart pump in a relaxed and consistent manner. Regular exercise is of vital importance to your body and state of mind. It improves stamina, flexibility, strength, agility, focus and concentration, and it even controls weight. The endorphins or the feel good hormones released during exercise energise the mind and body, enhance creativity and lift the spirit. Stay active and add regular walks to your exercise routine for aerobic fitness, endurance and stamina.

Exercises must be creative, imaginative and have recreational values to stimulate and motivate you. Choose from calisthenics, yoga, Pilates, boot camp, aerobics; and chart out a course that is workable and sustainable.

Include at least three days of yoga. Yoga has tremendous healing powers that boost flexibility, coordination, immunity and concentration, and regulate the nervous, digestive and endocrine functions. It also helps you get rid of fears, anxieties, phobias, negativity, jealousy, confusion and clutter in your mind, and replaces these with tranquillity and calmness.

Prayers can be empowering and make you radiate with power. A few minutes of praying daily will help remove psychological toxins and negative emotional baggage.

Sleep, rest and relaxation have a profound effect on one’s healing capacity and reduce stress while boosting mental and physical vitality.
Connect with nature. Nourishment can be channelised through sunshine, water, laughter, natural fragrances and natural sounds. They are calming, relaxing and healthy for the mind, body and soul.

Eat healthy foods that are wholesome, raw, fresh and seasonal. In the most natural state, foods have regulating, nourishing and healing properties. You are what you eat. Look at complete nourishment without counting calories. Maintain a balanced diet by including whole grains, sprouts, beans, fruits, salads, herbs, nuts and seeds. Cater to your hunger and not your appetite. Hunger is the need of the body and appetite the lust of the mind. The secret of longevity lies in eating appropriate food at the right time.

Use natural products like spices, herbs, lemon juice, etc, to season food. Avoid using monosodium glutamate or ajinomoto and cooking or baking soda to flavour food.

Keep yourself well hydrated with water. Substitute caffeine, aerated drinks or sodas and other sugary drinks with the refreshing goodness of pure, clear water.
Body language speaks volumes. A warm smile, cheerful personality and good posture make you confident, comfortable and beautiful.
Boost your self-confidence with healthy hair, skin and teeth. Treat yourself to massages, skin treatments and facials.

Be selfless in nature and have positive, constructive and creative thoughts. Be responsible, respect others and have a warm and caring disposition for building better relationships.

Have compassion and empathy for one and all. Your acts of kindness, good deeds and gratitude promote spiritual wellness and bring satisfaction to the soul. There is joy in giving and fulfilment in sharing.

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