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  • About Cafe Nutrition

    Today, home-cooked food is being replaced by processed and junk food that contains high amounts of saturated fats, sugars and salt. Spending hours in front of the television and computer or working without indulging in any form of physical activity is a very common sight as well. Over the last few years, we have seen an alarming increase in childhood obesity which is carried into adulthood with serious long-term health consequences. Incidences of hypertension, diabetes, coronary artery diseases and cancers have been on the rise amongst adults too.

    We at Café Nutrition believe that nutrition education and awareness will help people make the right food choices. Our workshops empower children and adults alike to make conscious changes in their diets. More than analysing the diet, it is the attitude towards food that goes a long way in building good health. Together, we work and help you build a healthy future.


    Website: www.cafenutrition.com


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  • 213, Mahavir Estate

    Off Mahakali Caves Rd

    Andheri East



    (+91)98207 37677


    Hamilton Court, Tagare Road,

    Santacruz West, Mumbai – 400054

    (+91)99300 74447 


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