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  • Exclusive deals for registered users. 

    On every purchase of a Home Care Kit of a particular skincare range, get a complimentary facial corresponding to the range. 

     At 20 to“quench” the skin to keep it constantly hydrated is the most important step on skin treatment

    Help these skins to naturally keep the water, that often decreases due to environment conditions, as cold, low humidity…
    Home Care Products
    Rehydra Moisturising cleansing milk 200 ml bottle Price :INR 1460
    Made from Hydra Plus Complex, an association of plant active ingredients that are very similar to our skin, it very delicately eliminates impurities, moisturises and protects the skin from drying and helps to normalise the natural protective surface film. Massage the product onto face and neck morning and evening, then rinse.

    Rehydra Moisturising toning lotion 200 ml bottle Price INR 1460
    Moisturising lotion with a softening action, enriched with Althaea officinalis and Hydra Plus Complex, an association of Ximenynic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Biosaccharide and Shea Butter, active ingredients from plants that maintain optimum skin moisture levels. Application of this product thus becomes a moisturising treatment for the skin, which will stay fresh and soft for hours. Apply morning and evening, after cleansing, tapping lightly.
    Rehydra Moisturising concentrated fluid 50 ml airless bottle Price INR 3070
    Concentrated serum for daily intensive moisturising treatment. The high content of hyaluronic acid, extract of Althaea officinalis, which ensures the acid’s effect on the skin, and Ximenynic acid (from Ximenia Africana seeds, called the “sea lemon” from the South African savannah), quickly smooths, brightens and moisturises the skin. Biosaccharide guarantees protection against the environmental agents. Apply before daily cream, when the skin needs extra nourishment and moisture as it effectively guarantees water retention.

    Rehydra Moisturising night cream 50 ml jar Price INR 2070
    A texture made from Hydra Plus Complex, the synergic association of Ximenynic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid, Biosaccharide and Shea Butter, boosted by Althaea officinalis, which prevents deterioration of the hyaluronic acid, it softens and protects the skin as it regenerates overnight. Jojoba and Avocado oils ensure focused nourishment and moisturising even for the driest most dehydrated skin. Apply every evening to face and neck, massaging lightly.

    Complimentary Treatment
    Rehydra Facial-An effective treatment enriched with enveloping massage techniques for a magic relaxing moment.

    At 30
    The skin, because of the slackening of cell metabolism due to chronoageing, dehydrates on surface, showing a more marked texture.
    Production of collagen, jaluronic acid and elastin (skin support fibers) decreases.

    Continous and involuntary daily movements of our face muscles leave the first marks on skin: wrinkles.

    Home Care Product
    Delay Infinity Cleansing milk (200 ml) Price INR 2049
    A soft emulsion that gently cleanses the skin, leaving it nourished and elastic thanks to shea butter and active ingredients from whole purple rice. Massage the product onto face and neck morning and evening, then rinse. Nickel tested. Tested under dermatological control.

    Delay Infinity Toning lotion (200 ml) Price INR 2049
    A lotion enriched with the active ingredients of whole purple rice, rich in anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid. It completes cleansing to leave the skin smooth, moisturised and ready for subsequent treatments. Apply morning and evening, tapping on the face after cleansing. Nickel tested. Tested under dermatological control.

    Delay Infinity intensive serum 30 ml Price INR 3410
    A precious concentrated treatment that immediately relaxes the inevitable early signs of ageing. The nourishing yet silky texture of macadamia oil protects the skin, stimulated by a concentrated extract of spring Crocus flowers, which stimulates biological communication and is therefore a universal symbol of youth. Apply to face, neck and décolleté morning and evening, before Advanced Delay creams or instead of day cream in very hot humid climates. For an amazing effect even on blemishes, apply the product after the cream. Nickel tested. Tested under dermatological control.

    Delay Infinity Night cream 50 ml Price INR 2580
    Shea butter and Avocado oil nourish the skin while it rests at night, while extract of spring Crocus flowers, which stimulates biological communication and is therefore a universal symbol of youth, restores facial skin to delay the appearance of early signs of ageing. Massage the product on face, neck and décolleté until absorbed. Nickel tested. Tested under dermatological control.

    Complimentary Treatment
    Delay Infinity Facial-A revolutionary association of highly performing vegetable ingredients to prevent and delay the appearance of early wrinkles. The treatment includes a lifting massage, especially dedicated to fragile areas, such as eyes and lips, neck and décolleté for a shining effect.

     After 40

    Metabolism changes, energy supply decreases, the effects become evident.
    It is the volume loss of the cheekbones and the face oval, more than the wrinkles, to contribute showing tiredness and marked aspect.
    Skin is unstable: a day it is bright, the day after is darkened
    Home Care
    FACE FENCE SILKY CLEANSER (200ml) Price INR 3150
    It delicately cleanses the skin, also removing make-up, and eliminates impurities. When mixed with water, this oil releases a milk with naturally scented notes that rebalances the hydrolipid film. The delicate fragrance of the product comes from Plum Oil. Dermatologically tested. Nickel tested. Fragrance free.

    A precious serum, that creates a moisture-fixing gel mesh on the face for a toning and revitalising effect. Rich in hyaluronic acid and red hematite restores natural protection against external agents. Dermatologically tested. Nickel tested.

    Rich fluid emulsion that reorganizes the skin texture and re-shape the face profile; offers a renewed energy and complete protection against photoageing for a new brightness . With UVA filters. Dermatologically tested. Nickel tested.

    Invisible yet fully-bodied nourishing texture, mix of active ingredients acting on derma damaged by chronoageing; oxygens the skin during restorative sleep to give new-found structure and compactness. Dermatologically tested. Nickel tested.

    Complimentary Treatment :
    Facefence Facial-From Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, and the heights of Peru, a phytocosmetic line inspired by ancient alchemies that combats the changes typical of mature skin, reinforcing from the inside and restoring its natural capacity to react to ageing.
    Nasturtium flower for improved cell oxygenation, Maca Root to stimulate collagen production, Black pepper and Red Haematite to rebalance energy and for a complete protection against skin ageing for renewed splendor and for a more radiant look.

    After 50
    The skin becomes matter and the fine lines turns into deep wrinkles .
    The hydro-lipidic film, goes very thin, while elastin and collagen production slows down resulting in slackening of skin.

    Also external agents such as UV rays, pollution and wrong food, influence badly on our skin, releasing free radicals that contribute to skin ageing.
    In general, oxidative assaults, together with natural chrono agening are responsible for skin changes.
    Home Care Product
    DL Beauty Box Price INR 16390
    DL Beauty Box consists of following products:

    DL Ideal Cleansing Cream -It cleanses mature skin delicately while a special “booster” system stimulates the skin’s receptiveness and the penetration of the precious active ingredients of the treatment.
    Results Velvet-like, nourished and radiant skin. Great carrier for active ingredients.
    Violet Mystery Water:- Stimulates Aquaporins, precious cutaneous proteins that regulates water distributionon to the skin. Results Compact, refreshedand moiturisedskin, steadlyradiant. Great carrierofactiveingredients.
    Sleeping Beauty Cream -A cream which transforms the night into a time for facial skin regeneration. Thanks to chronobiologica lresearch, a precious plantbased complex cancels out the worries that leave their mark, while you sleep.
    DL Lifting Effect Mask-Cream mask that firms and tones the skin and combats the signs of ageing. Excellent for soothing signs of tiredness whenever needed, for a fresh renewed look
    DL Lifting Effect Vials - Precious concentrate vials with immediate lifting effect thanks to the combination of two innovative natural substances with a relaxing effect. An imperceptible natural film forms bringing relief and support for facial features. If the vial is used together with lifting-effect cream, for an even more surprising immediate lifting result, it should be applied only after the cream has been completely absorbed.

    Complimentary Treatment :
    DL – NATURAL LIFTING FACIAL -A double firming and lifting facial treatment, with a highly specific action against dark circles and bags around the eyes, together with a powerful reducing action on eyes and lips’ wrinkles.

    Deals will be available from 24th March to 30th March only.

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