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     Rs 3000 off on MRP of 7500/- for 1 consultation on beauty, wellness n slimming with Yoga Mudra expert Deepa Vaswani. 

    Deals will be available from 24th March to 30th March only.

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  • About Yoga Mudra

    Yoga Mudra sessions are Wellness programs conducted with hand gestures and breathing patterns guided by mudra expert Deepa Vaswani.

    Mudras are symbolic and ritualistic hand gestures.The word Mudra is derived from the sanskrit word MUD, which means Delight or Pleasure. Mudras are the sign language of Yoga, depicting a spiritual gesture, an energetic seal.

    Each of our fingers represents an element of nature that we are made up of - fire, air. Water etc. These techniques are used to empower people to take charge of their health by teaching them mudra yoga.

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  • Dhaval Ganga,

    Opposite Jogger's Park

    Bandra (W) 

    +91 9820247712


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